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    Awaken the Passion in the Midst of Stress

    Making love can be a very effective stress relievers. physical and emotional bond through sex will make the body and the mind calmer.

    Building the mood in stressful conditions is not an easy case. However, you can try the following four tips to arouse passions in the midst of stress.

    1. Meditation

    When you get home from work after hours and hours in traffic jams on the road, ask the couple to meditate together. Previously, washing and seek a comfortable sitting position. Close your eyes and soak your feet with the pair in hot water. Close your eyes, concentrate the mind on the return of energy. This could create a more relaxed mind, you and your partner can have sex with better quality.

    2. Ate therapy

    Watch your diet, not too often consume a diet rich in carbohydrates. This will make you feel tired and sleepy. Expand the consumption of whole grains, fruits and vegetables or seafood to choose foods that can also increase the desire to make love like chocolate and shellfish.

    3. The power of water

    Cold water can make you happier. Although hot water, it is more relaxed. Try a bath with water and both feel the effects. Add the scent of lavender in the rinse water. In addition, the pair teased with the scent of the body are created.

    4. Enjoy

    You can “play” with your spouse or just to chat and joke. Ask the couple to have fun with riddles or jokes. With an atmosphere of fun, you and your partner may be more eager to make love. The stress will go away on its own.

    Then, enter the list of activities to make love in your stress relievers.

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