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    Between Fad and Fashion: Know the Difference

    Fashion is changing and sometimes end up not being able to catch up. How many times have you bought a new suit and eventually use it only once because it was old-fashioned? It was time you bought a lot of things that were left on the back of your closet, not to see the day again? You just cringe when I remember what it was once just because it is fashionable?

    With changes in fashion and in an instant, it becomes very difficult to tell who is on fashion and fashion is true. Is likely to end up buying tons of stuff that you never have to use the next year or, worse, next week, and therefore not worth the money you paid for them. Here are some tips to help you along.

    Knowing the tendency to know

    In fact, it’s easy to know what the next trend will be. You get a glimpse of this when they see popular television programs and watch actors and actresses. Celebrities are generally promoting a new trend and if I do not like gossip about her life and I think that is one way to find out what fashion is coming.

    Find what’s popular now is very simple. You will see pictures in magazines, drawings copied in the stores and the most revealing is when someone you know is using. The important question is: “I can say?” And “Will I be able to use it?”

    Do not buy something because it’s the new trend without being sure that you can use. Not only hide in every corner of your closet thinking you could probably build in a day. There’s really no point in buying something you are not sure you could use.

    Following fashion, fashion Ignore

    It is tempting to buy the latest skinny jeans or indulge in a pair of sneakers, but it needs population based on the classic and the first. classical pieces like the little black dress, black pants, white button shirt, jeans, and black pencil skirt is a fashion pieces are timeless.

    For example, the leopard prints are the latest trends and want to try the look. Instead of buying all the items of clothing that has a leopard print on it, why not buy a few pieces of accessories or two just to satisfy their curiosity and give you this update, see the new fashion? You can buy the hair with leopard print pumps, leopard or a couple with the classic pieces like a pair of jeans and a white shirt button.

    Do not get involved in fashion so you can not decide whether you look good or not. Know yourself, know your body and decide to use what you like and what looks like a lot. Sometimes fashion is just all good sense.

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