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    Caring for Jewelry Maintainance

    Furthermore, the increase in value added, jewelry can also increase your confidence, and even a status symbol. Your jewelry in a long life, not only can be used separately, must also take care of it. You know, all requests for jewelry and treatment of various types.


    Diamond rings or earrings to qualify for a regular penggosokkan at least six months to bright light. A diamond in the store to offer this service. If you want to do for themselves, this method can do:
    – Make a hot water discharge of detergent.
    – Immerse yourself in the place of diamond jewelry.
    – Brush gently with a toothbrush, so that dirt can be extended.
    – After cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth and maintenance.
    – Or, immersed in water for 30 minutes, is one of their already contains ammonia, and the sixth with a soft, dry cloth.

    Diamond Cutting? the Future is Here

    The part technology providers participate in the diamond pipeline:

    Technology and high-tech accessories are increasingly used in almost all parts of the diamond pipeline. Heavy mining equipment and the classification is used for the transport of diamonds from the earth, the sea and rivers. Specialist support and evaluation systems are used for planning rough diamonds, often marked with a laser beam on the fundamentals of manufacturing. The diamond mechanized process utilizes diverse technological products for most stages of production, counting: laser cutting, centering, blocking, stop polishing and marking machines. The phase of the guarantee of superiority after the production of precise measuring machines introduced quantity.

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    Taking Care of Your Precious Jewelry

    Are you really worried about keeping your most loved and cherished jewelry safe and free from scratches? Just follow these simple tips to keep your jewelry bright and dazzling for ever.

    Each piece needs care and protection against the harsh conditions in order to have beautiful and long term. We have made some suggestions to give you an idea of caring for their jewels and keep them as new, as always.

    Read these simple tips to keep your jewelry in good order and condition.

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    What Factors Determine Diamond Prices?

    If you’ve been shopping for diamond jewelry, you may have noticed that the jewelry and engagement rings, eternity, necklaces and earrings of diamonds in the market for a wide range of prices. In fact, unlike a diamond ring to another can easily be several thousand dollars. For most consumers, price is an important factor in a purchase decision, it is important to understand that you pay when you buy a brilliant piece of diamond jewelry.

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    What Does a Diamond Appraisal Mean?

    An evaluation of the diamond is used to determine the dollar value of a gemstone. Diamonds are bought and sold by wholesale diamond jewelry wholesale jewelry are subject to the assessment process prior to the sale of diamonds. diamond appraisal uses four main criteria – known as the C-Four – in order to evaluate loose diamonds and determine market prices of these precious stones.
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