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    Confident in public speaking

    For some people, speaking in front of crowds is a scourge. Send the information even before many people had not been an easy task. All we have prepared can be spread when the panic struck to see so many pairs of eyes in our direction.

    Not only the professional workers, the ability to communicate is also important for each person. With good communication, we can develop into a person of Nice and benefit others.

    The ability to communicate is not really just came to me. necessary training and practice. One of the places that offer training services that are “The Soul of Speaking (SOS). Public communication has a learning center with a unique teaching method, namely by combining the three disciplines: theater, journalism and psychology.

    Theatre mengolaborasikan SOS science of how to tell the story that is structured in science journalism, and personal approach to the science of psychology.

    “This method is not really a new method. All sciences have long lived and how we make good and effective packaging. For each science has its own approach, and we incorporate it in the SOS,” said IL Arinta Salsabil, Psi. MSI.

    Rani Badri Kalianda didapuk become one of the coach. He was trained as a theater and a frequent trainer finalists of “Miss Indonesia. Each package of intensive training lasts for two days with a total time of 14 hours.

    At the beginning of training, participants will learn how to align your thoughts and feelings, which is essential to good communication. “Often, people are relying too much on the mind rather than emotion or vice versa. This makes the words that came to be not pleasant to hear. Harmony will those words have soul, “said Rani.

    According to him, after a harmony of thought and feeling, someone will mindfullness or awareness. The next step is the imagination, namely the process of aligning the left and right brain, followed by the planting method of motivation in themselves.

    The last thing that should not be left behind and become the focus is the main objective or goal. “The goal is very important. Many people only focus on motivation, but not a priority. If you do not know for what purpose and motivation, “said Rani.

    In addition, participants were also trained in breathing and vocal techniques. Two things are very important, especially when speaking in public. Breathing technique, “the emphasis of words, find the color of the original sound, is also taught. Technique is very important to know and have been trained and put into practice,” said Rani.

    Arlinta added, although the results obtained by each participant is different, but all showed an improvement in terms of communication. Not only public but also communication with you, your spouse, and people around. Interested?

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