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    Diamond Engagement Ring

    Once you’ve decided you want to bring up the issue, now has to do with the perfect ring. And the best way to do one of the diamond engagement rings. However, you want to make sure her boyfriend dazzling, but also must meet their preferences, their lifestyle and especially its shape. This will address many rings until you find something that suits you best. The ideal way to ensure well surprise you with a ring that fits all the above criteria is to choose a diamond and you can choose the style and brand of the ring.

    However, it is useful if you know the basic parameters for judging a diamond before you buy. A diamond is judged by the 4C: color, clarity, cut and Carat. The highest rate of diamonds in all of these features, is more expensive. A small idea of what these terms mean a long way to help choose the best ring.

    Color: Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are colorless. Diamond Normal, are classified on a scale from D to Z with D being colorless and Z yellow. A colorless diamond of the normal range is the most expensive. Beyond the A to Z, a diamond is considered “the color of fantasy. Of course the colored diamonds are very rare. Red and green are the rarest color of luxury, followed by purple, violet, orange, blue and pink. yellows and greenish yellow diamonds are more common. And the most rare and expensive.

    Clarity: Clarity is the absence of internal inclusions (fragments of minerals or crystals trapped inside) or surface defects. A flawless diamond such inclusions and is “impeccable” and the most valuable. Typically, diamonds are cut and how to get rid of the imperfections of the surface without reducing the weight of the diamond. Since the inclusions are found only in natural diamonds, which help distinguish them from those manufactured in the laboratory. When you buy a diamond ring for their commitment, for defects and inclusions with a 10X magnifier. (Most jewelers will give you one.)

    Cut: Cut refers to the proportion, symmetry and finish of a diamond. A diamond can be cut in various ways, to intensify its “fire.” A well-cut diamond will shine well proportioned and spectacular display of rainbow colors when light. Although it might not be able to know if technically it is a diamond in her engagement ring is well proportioned, looking, GASP your boyfriend will be a good indicator!

    Karat: The unit of measure of diamond weight. 1 carat is divided into 100 points. Therefore, a half-carat diamond of 0.5 carats. The measure corresponds directly to the size and price of a diamond. If you want an engagement ring developed, can be considered a carat diamond set in different sizes.

    With this basic knowledge, it is easier to explain to your jeweler what you want, and discern whether to give him his money and, of course, your loved one deserves.

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