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    Diamonds From Sierra Leone: A History Of Violence

    Sierra Leone is a West African country that has suffered greatly as a result of rebel activity continues in 1991-2002. This nation relies heavily on its mining – the mining of diamonds in particular – but progress has been particularly slow because of corruption and civil uprisings.

    Sierra Leone’s diamonds are controversial because several of them actually are not legal. Not all diamonds produced each year, an amount of approximately $ 250-300 million, are channeled through legal channels, because many are smuggled. These so-called blood diamonds “are widely known to be used finace illicit activities such as money laundering.

    In 2001, the U.S. put an embargo on diamonds from Sierra Leone. Since the 1990s, diamonds from Sierra Leone have been used to finance the Revolutionary United Front, or RUF – led by Corporal Foday Sankoh.

    Sierra Leone held its first diamonds mined in 1935. More than 1 million carats have been harvested within two years after the initial discovery, and more than 55 million carats were extracted by De Beers between 1930 and 1998.

    DeBeers, the sole mining rights granted by the Government of Sierra Leone until 1955, have been mining and distribution of diamonds from Sierra Leone exclusively since it was learned that her first diamond.

    In the film Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, had pressured the producers of the film in the issuance of a warning that the events described in the film are fictional, but the company refused.

    Diamonds from Sierra Leone have been encouraged by 75,000 illegal miners in 1955. In the same year, the new administration to end the monopoly of De Beers diamonds from Sierra Leone has allowed commercial companies and others to

    When the insurrection broke out in the 1990s, rebel forces have been receiving funding for their activities for the theft of diamonds. Thus, the term blood diamonds. ”

    Unstoppable killing

    The diamond trade is continuing to fund the RUF rebels who continued their uprising against the government. Despite an agreement between the leader of the RUF and the government, the bloodshed continued. To put an end to anarchy, the United Nations has issued a directive to not buy diamonds from Sierra Leone legally.

    There were a few countries such as Liberia, however, continued to trade in diamonds from Sierra Leone. Cost was a meter, and this unscrupulous people do not care about the impact, winning his criminal activities financially.

    Sierra Leone’s diamonds have been sold on the open market in Liberia until the neighboring country has exported more than four times the amount of its own production of diamonds – by inclusion in the list of suppliers of blood diamonds.

    Currently, certificates are issued to distinguish legally traded diamonds from Sierra Leone diamonds. These certificates should be made to ensure that, as a buyer, would support the killings that have wracked the country.

    This policy, however, is not infallible and has not fully eradicated the illegal trade in diamonds from Sierra Leone.

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