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    Eco-friendly Fashion Footwear: Cruelty Free Fashion Shoes Every Woman Must Have This Fall/winter

    Most vegetarian women like me fear the idea that more than 35 million beauty, intelligent animals are killed solely for their fur or leather in the back (and only in winter), but this ability to be as elegant as our carnivorous counterparts. Except for the fact that we want a humane way, we have the same desire to collect dozens upon dozens of sandals, slippers, moccasins, sandals, boots and other footwear for our shoe cabinet. Ten years ago, was a challenge that seems almost impossible that all vegan shoes practically looked the same.

    Nowadays, finding cruelty-free shoes is not as difficult as it seems. Now more than ever, companies are beginning to respond to those who have a sense of human way, and now offer a wider range of choice. As this trend is developing, the challenge we have is to determine how many shoes you really need. First, we must ask how many of them what they really love, and how well aligned, fashion style and are versatile enough to serve multiple purposes.

    Here are 5 fall / winter fashion shoe styles to help you create a cruelty-free shoe wardrobe so global, so perfect that no matter what the occasion is, you have the right green shoes

    1. A pair of weather protection.
    If only I could buy a start in life, an eco-friendly, start the air as the seal 14 Eye Boot vegetarian shoes to go with. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, go with two pairs. Boots of Seal Beach toes steel sporty rubber soles tires give it that timeless quality you need and want.

    2. One or two pairs of boots in fashion in a neutral or dark.
    These leather boots are classic enough alternatives for work clothes is still attractive enough to add a touch of jeans and a shirt every day. boots Top-of-the-calf with a flat heel are one of the most watched in the cold season, but are surprisingly in demand, even if the climate warms. For those of you who love the engineer boots, but you want something a little cleaner, the Biker boots are perfect! When you feel a little “rebel”, wear them as biker boots. When your style is classic looking, just remove the buckle, instantly provides you with easy boots, easy going with everything.

    3. A stylish pair of boots search
    Almost knee high boots like the Aurora, which provides an elegant look right with skirts and classic. They can be worn with bare feet or opaque winter stockings. They also work well with evening wear and quasi-official, you can add sophistication to jeans, and instantly dress up a denim skirt and cardigan like nothing else can. You can also get the same look with Alta style that is only 11 “top of the shoe in the bottom of the green shoe fashion. The top is made of the highest quality synthetic microfibers while the coating usually consists Very soft synthetic micro-fibers or leather.

    4. A pair of boots neutral color for the occasional weekend
    A woman can never go wrong with classics like the beginning of Amy. His cruelty occasional weekend should start without having a very flexible sole making it extremely comfortable to wear all day. Make sure you start your eco informal outdoor are made of “leather” like synthetic micro-fibers giving you that sleek look, while the interior is made of a soft cotton lining and a generous foot bed that will accommodate your feet .

    5. A pair of sneakers attractive non-leather.
    The fall time is the perfect time to run around the track at your nearby park and enjoy the environment. Whether your leather shoes are environmentally friendly made from hemp or synthetic micro fibers, go well with your tracksuit, but working enough to do in the gym. The best sport / athletic shoes are couples who have a very positive EVA insole, and a thickly padded.

    If you follow the above tips, you create the perfect eco-apparel women’s shoes fall winter fashion, no matter what the occasion is, you have the perfect non-leather shoe. Remember, no one can have fashion without compassion.

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