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    Explore the Five Point Women Sensitive

    Sensitive parts of women not only in the field of intimate organs or breasts. There are other points that could make a woman excited when he gets a touch of torque.

    Know the eight points and point pairs to touch gently to improve the quality of the relationship.

    1. Hair
    Women really like the couple gently stroked her hair. Stress warm touch of hair on the head and can very effectively relieve. Whether your partner’s hand touching the head to the back of the neck.

    2. Scruff
    In the days of old Japan, the level of the neck of a woman is considered attractive by men. Because the article is an area that is not erotic kimono draw closed. It’s very much a man who rarely touch the neck, while kissing and touching in this section is very exciting.

    3. Neckbones
    Part of the clavicle is very tempting. Especially when you wear a shirt. Ask couples to gently caress and embrace these areas.

    4. Back
    Most women like to touch on the back, especially if accompanied by a gentle rubbing motion. This can be very soothing and exciting. So why not put this motion into your routine preliminary. Ask the couple to kiss and touch his back with the sweet and seductive.

    5. Conch
    The ear is the most erotic part of the body of a woman. The touch and kiss on the ear will make passionate love to increase dramatically. Especially if it is accompanied by a murmur sweet words are sincere couple.

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