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    Finding Your Spouse G-spot

    G-Spot is a sore point with intimate bodies. point where the pleasure of making love is felt when you and your partner to find this point.

    G-spot was discovered by Ernst Gravenberg (G), a German gynecologist. This area is said to put women in the stimulation orgasms a more enjoyable experience than clitoral stimulation.

    Where is the location of point G? In women, although his situation is different, this point is generally located midway between the hip bone and the cervix, approximately 4.5 cm into the vagina. Some women feel more sensitive along the upper wall of the vagina, and not just at one point.

    effort to find this point. Try to find in a state of relaxation. This is generally easier to find in a relaxed and comfortable conditions. We began to feel pleasure, feel free to express them to stay focused on giving a touch of couples in the region. Reaching the point G is usually the practice of position variation powerful love.

    Although very popular as a determinant of satisfaction of sex, the G is still the subject of debate and controversy for a number of people. The team of researchers at King’s College London, the United States, revealing that the so-called G-spot may be just fantasy and imagination to serve the term in the magazine and sex therapist.

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