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    Holiday Shopping the Easy Way

    This article was written to save gas, money and time with their Christmas shopping.

    I have been shopping for years. (The clothing is my specialty) I was more than one place at 8:30 pm during the holiday season, the queues for my foot pain and sweat ran down my forehead. The idea of carrying bags and boxes from one store to another looking for the perfect gift for the right person at the right price, it’s nothing terrible.

    Think for a second. How does the average person shop? There are two main ways. By impulse buying, or making a list and follow it. In making the urge to buy something, put your God given abilities to mind the real test. You are driving home from work or weekend and its operation for one reason or another. You see a shop, you say: “I have enough money to get some of these gifts of the road. You pull into the parking lot and from that moment on your time is up, your body is about to be developed and that even know if you are getting the gift you are looking for. You walk around hoping you’ll see a gift for the right person at the right price. Good luck! You may need a bit of time in your day to go to a movie later if works. There is no guarantee of success.

    Look the other way. Planning your list and your time. First you need a day off, and I mean a day off. After clothing store one day, you should lower your list and think about who gets what and how you will spend. You are ready. There is no mall or any of the hypermarkets. You have a good plan, but who knows how you stay in each gift, how long it will take. Ideally, you get all your gifts, for all the right people at the price you expect. You know what? Bags and boxes are! If you get everything you need, you still have to get the car and unpacking the car when I get home. Not to mention the gas money and food costs from the mall to keep your energy up.

    Do not be afraid … … is a better way!

    Shopping online is !!!!!!!!

    Almost anything you can find in a mall or a hypermarket can be purchased online at a competitive price with easy delivery. Your only additional cost is shipping and handling, and if you get all the elements you need an online store, shipping and handling will be much less than the price of gas at the mall and something to eat when you’re there.

    Here’s a comparison:

    Shopping in the old … … …

    Positive … …

    1.) Get all the information you need for your Christmas shopping. That’s it! The only thing you can be happy is that the purchase is made.

    Negatives … …

    1.) Hour … The average impulse shopping experience lasting 1-2 hours per session. The average shopping experience planned for the holiday season is more than 15 hours a week or two.

    2.) Gas … .. You spend at least a half tank of gas around the purchase of all that. With gas prices as they are now, which would be about $ 20 for the old SUV or van.

    3.) Physical stress … Front and rear of the car is a workout. Walking through a mall or supermarket is a workout. Bring the bags in the house is a workout. If you want a little exercise, you should run in the gym. , Right?

    4.) Stress … having to go to different stores to complete your shopping list when I do not know if the items are the perfect gift for the right person at the right price is very stressful.

    Pay attention to online shopping … … … ..

    Positive … …

    1.) Hour … no explanation of what we are. It takes an average person 1 minute to be online. 1 minute to go to the election of its online store. Another 10 or 15 minutes to check some names you select your items, about 5 minutes to enter your payment information in the appropriate places, and print your receipt. Walla !!!!!! 30 minutes tops! Think what you could do with all that time. (Definitely catch that movie eh?)

    2.) Gas … … What gas? Not everyone. You save around for trips to the movies. Do not even need a car. You just need an address to send your gift too. You can even send the item to the person who will give the gift too no matter where you are in the world, and save time to pack! (Ever get a gift in the mail? Is a great feeling.)

    3.) Physical stress … Not! No bags to carry, do not walk through the malls, no waiting lines, no fumbling with credit cards, receipts, money or bags while in the store. All you have to do is lift a finger on the mouse.

    4.) Less mental stress … Think of all the planning to make all your purchases in the traditional way. All you have to do here is make a list and check the box to go.

    Negatives … …

    1.) You need a computer with an Internet connection. If you already because you read this article. The only downside …

    There are things that every serious online buyer should know before starting your online shopping experience. Here they are:

    1.) To make the best use of your time, choose an online store that carries more than one type of item. Must be a mini-mart. They will have the products they purchase for you and all who want to shop for.

    2.) The store should have a basket. This feature allows you to collect different objects, so your purchases and combine them in one place, for review (if you purchase items or not) before your final purchase.

    3.) The store should have some kind of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that can help you with everything you need to know about the store. If this is not a FAQ page, no doubt some kind of customer service information.

    4.) The store should have an idea of the question with a good description at his side. It’s true! A job description. When you go to a traditional store, the only time I give a description of you is when there is a big ticket item like a car or an expensive electronic item. To find the description of himself that he must check one of the six faces of the package. Online, it’s there before you. How great is this?

    5.) The store should be a way to put your name and email in their database so they can contact you for promotions to the store’s customers may have. This can be a great way to achieve reductions of this store. You get all kinds of notifications about sales, special offers, and perhaps some good to save money on your next purchase.

    6.) The store should have different ways of accepting payments. Credit cards, credit cards, checks online, print forms can be faxed or mailed to them to process orders. The more the better.

    7.) The store should have a money back guarantee. That should let you know that if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, the company will reimburse all expenses, no questions asked.

    8.) The store will also be included in the line of BBB.

    9.) The bank must have a secure link to receive your payment. If a company does not have this, I do not use them. Usually, you will see a kind of formal talks on security in regard to items that command line, and an image of a lock somewhere.

    That’s it !!!!!!!!!!! If you have these nine things you are ready to go. Try this method of purchasing and decide for yourself. You be the judge. If you are serious about your life easier when shopping for the holidays, can not fail to give an opportunity to shop online. I think you agree that you can not beat online shopping. Shopping !!!!! Good luck and good

    Postscript There are places I can recommend when it comes to all your shopping needs met online. Contact me for help in this area.

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