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    How to Tell a Fashion Jewelry Piece is Older

    For fashion jewelry and antique jewelry, we saw no difference at all. Jewelry dates back to the thirties in the United States. fashion jewelry, even this period is considered as an antique, but not expensive. The oldest parts of dollars more are the oldest.

    From 1930

    Jewels of the 1930s has been created due to the need for a cheaper form of jewelry that could be eliminated after working with a single computer. It was not the most expensive and valuable jewelry that was given to children and grandchildren after death. Fashion Jewelry has been created solely to be fashionable for a while and then when a new team or style has been created, it could be easily modified. Large amounts of fashion jewelry have been made at this time.

    ERAs and times

    Jewelry with a low price also has widespread before 1930. These jewels were made of glass or paste can be seen from as far as the eighteenth century. Those with money have their precious pieces to make copies as they need to protect their investments. Half of the nineteenth century witnessed an increase in the societies of the middle class who have this same type of fashion jewelry in most cases, but instead of glass, semiprecious stones and metals have been used. Gold, diamonds, gemstones and fine gold coins are made available to the middle class and have been cheaper for them to afford to buy. Fashion Jewelry was so cheap that all classes of people could buy without any problem.

    Pieces show their age

    You can order that the era of the jewel is. The style, materials used and the work itself is a clue. Dress clips that were not before the 1930s and were fashionable in the 1950s. From 1910 and ending in 1930, silver was the color preferred by customers to pieces of platinum, silver and white gold or silver-painted materials. At the beginning of World War II, changed the gold jewelry to metal binding, but was scarce. Gemstones happened in the thirties and especially in Europe. Arrived ten years later, America.

    As before

    Today costume jewelry is not as diverse as we think of pieces of recent decades. There is always an abundance of fine precious jewelry, semi precious items and jewelry. The styles used in the past decades show how popular again and has been created for the modern woman. The quality of the work is the only difference you can find, but the older pieces have a shine and a weight that is not. No matter if you like antiques or a new piece, they are fun to collect and display a new set. Do not just collect them, now in style and very much a part of fashion today. They are also great to help you start a conversation interesting to know.

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