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    Love Sensation in the Morning Day

    You get bored or tired of the marital relationship experienced by men tend to be easy. When the couple began to show symptoms of it, trying to unearth the creativity to change the monotonic relationship became more colorful.

    Try making love in the morning. Enjoy the natural condition of men who generally desire sex earlier in the morning. In addition to the installer fitness, male hormone levels were also higher in the morning for a great support from sexual activity.

    Making love in the morning can make its own feeling, because usually only lasts a short strike because the preparations to go to work. Teased partner with phrases that make them feel sexy in your eyes.

    Use as short a time as possible with an erotic focus on each point generated the fastest. If you do not know where the partner G-spot, you can discover by asking or exploring his body before. Couples can also do the same thing.

    “As long as you’re both equally passionate, sexual satisfaction can be achieved by itself, and in a short while. It means a quickie,” says Tara Roth Madden, author of Romance on the Run : Five minutes of quality sex couples to availability.

    However, this does not mean you have to say no to sex during the night.

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