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    Make Him Commit ? Or Else

    Are you ready to engage with it – or even want to dream every day in this particular relationship? Are you ready to really make them fall in love, or just want to be my friend? distant friends? Could you use a small board meetings? I think so. We need to talk about having to commit.

    We know how to attract men, we can get men to become our friends easily. But it can be a little different when we have a special designation as a soul mate. But it seems a little distant. This must change. Try this.

    Give lots of sex. Hahahaha. I did not think we were serious, right? I hope not. What happens when you and your boyfriend have sex? male psychology indicates that this will have the opposite effect of what we seek. “How can this be? – What you say. “I pressure to have sex every time you say .-. This may be true. But the reality of this situation is that if you give, you will probably lose respect for you. Probably do not think you’re the kind of person who wants to marry. “Is it right? – Ask yourself? No, but it is a fact. Having sex with a man, probably encourage him to lose interest in you.
    Be yourself. Hahahaha. We joke about it, too. The fact is, being yourself is probably the worst thing to do. Now, before being offended, I assure you this is true of the most interesting and popular people you know. To test this, try this. Think about what you love most. Suppose scrapbooking. Now go to your niece for six years and begins to talk about scrapbooking. She is boring, right? She wants to talk about her Barbie doll.

    Now go to your grandmother for 92 years and begins to talk about scrapbooking. She goes to sleep. She wants to talk about health and pain.

    So how to get their attention and make them want to spend time with you? Find out what interests them: When you find Barbie dolls and health care, about these things. Better yet, let them talk about these things. Ask questions to let them know that you are interested.

    They will be eager to spend time with you.

    So what are you talking about your man? Learn. Tell. To talk about it. I know the other person.

    You may be more attractive. You can fall in love. You can make you commit.

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