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    Online Shopping Booms

    The financial crisis has caused problems for the main street in the UK recently, but for online purchases, business is booming. Christmas was a difficult time for the stores this year, more and more affected by the current financial climate and many shops have been great loss of profits, however, according to recent market studies, online shopping continued doing well , so the fact that the sites of ten largest shopping on the Web has been a huge increase of 37% of visitors compared to last year.

    Sales at stores in the center of many that have had a severe fall, but online sales are up. Some street stores suffered so much, had to close some of its stores. This was the case of Marks & Spencer, which reported poor Christmas trading and had to close 27 stores and hire 1,230 job cuts. However, they saw a ray of hope when its online store has experienced a 46% increase in visitor numbers last year. Another store to see a spike in online buying has been Littlewoods, had the largest increase in the number of online customers to your site for visitors to jump by 66%.

    With Internet sales appear to have better prices and special offers from the street, the sales increases are attributed to bargain hunters looking for a convenient way to find good deals and online stores seem to find the best way to do it. Alex Burmaster, Nielsen Online, said that shopping online with the third to attract more customers in more than Christmas 2008 Christmas 2007, the economy has seen some benefit from online retailers.

    Although department stores have experienced a decline in sales, online shopping is very popular at this time. Many online stores such as Littlewoods have experienced increases in the number of people buying online in their website. Many people find shopping online the best way to find great deals.

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