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    Paris Hilton Perfume – Reasons It Is Much Better Than Paris Hilton

    What a disaster, the woman is. She is rarely out of the press as she pitches from one disaster to another. She seems to have by itself, the liberation of women back a generation. She is the woman that we would at least have our daughter as a model. However, its perfume is another matter.

    Do not misunderstand. I do not say poor little rich girl. Of course, I mean the poor girl beautiful, rich. But you must give the perfumers who put together this little number. They have invented girly girly perfumes in a famous by the name of Paris Hilton.

    The application of the Paris Hilton name on the label for men is decreasing in marketing. Perfume manufacturers have proven to be an excellent product. So the clever marketing guys thought Paris Hilton would call it selling for any reason. You will notice that I said to the people and I do the low. The aroma of beautiful name of Paris contains nothing less human sex pheromones. It is the attraction of sex in a bottle.

    It is something old perfume, but ususally do with the extract of civet or musk deer. But Paris Hilton has done for the real thing. How are pheromones do not know, or want to know. It is hoped that was no problem and can be fun.

    There are other things too. Paris Hilton has notes of oak moss, sandalwood, ylang ylang, freesia, mimosa, peach nectar and jasmine and apple jelly. Apple jelly that is I do not pretend to know. However, ylang-ylang, freesia, jasmine and mimosa notes and not give all these sexy as the women’s fragrances have. Sandalwood, oakmoss are slightly darker tones that give a smell some resistance. Ylang Ylang is a delightful place, the exotic flavor that is always good in small doses.

    Paris Hilton looks like a very good aroma. Of course, we try to know how it will work for you. While PIN in a department store and try a tester. Maybe go in disguise, or travel to another city so no one will know. If you know someone spots you, say you’re buying for a friend.

    If you like and find it puts you in contact with indoor air head bimbo then buy one of many providers of online discount. In this way, nobody needs to know your secret vice. Put a line at night. This is certainly not one for the office. If your friends like what happens with your best friends who have succumbed to the merchandising machine is insatiable Paris Hilton.

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