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    Powerful effects of Kiss

    When love is present, kissing the lips often become an important element to reveal the flavor. It happened so naturally when two pairs of lips are locked.

    Many benefits from activities that intimate. survey in 3000 married couples in the United Kingdom has revealed that the couple kissed four times a day have a more emotional, which is the basis for harmonious relations.

    Not only confrontation kiss her lips, but also a warm kiss on the forehead or cheeks. Communicating affection can be done with a warm kiss before leaving for work, or go to bed.

    Apart from the moral ethics, kiss her lips have the power to fight effectively against a number of diseases. A kiss for a time to have a positive impact on the system peredaraan blood and heart. When someone kisses, the pulse is faster to run up to 110 beats per minute. This condition is very good to train on the heart.

    Make more than three minutes is also suspected of helping to combat stress. Therefore, a kiss can stimulate chemical reactions that can destroy the stress hormone. A number of dentists also believe a kiss can stimulate production of saliva, which can destroy the acid calculus.

    However, kissing on the lips should be done with a high level of vigilance. According to research in the United Kingdom, a kiss that is part of romantic life also can spread germs and disrupt the immune partner. Because you never know if the saliva contains a virus or not the couple.

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