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    Quiz- Has Fashion Imprisoned Us

    Fashion is global. Do you make fashion, or fashion makes you? How are you affected by the latest trends? Let us on this issue impersonal. Please see some old photographs dating about hundred years. You see men and women with different types of clothing and now. Today, the trend is different.

    The trend towards the ground, and later so that our originality. We have been thinking about what kind of clothes we wear, so look good and feel comfortable. Instead, we find that the celebrities are wearing. We look at the latest collections of fashion designers. We make our choice of these. We’re on our way.

    This does not apply to our thinking, our proposals and our value systems. In these, we have our own rules. But when it comes to fashion, we fall in line. Why? Designers convince us that if we do not follow the latest fashion, we’re back and update no. Friends may laugh at us. Many of us see the recent acquisitions of designer clothes than us, but at exorbitant prices. We do not discuss the price of the best designers. Why?

    It has to do with a certain amount of brainwashing that suffered by all marketing companies. If everyone becomes independent and makes its own style, how will they survive? Many of us buy the latest clothes, takes a couple of times and never using it again because it is outdated. We spend money and buy back later. Fashion has moved us to a point at which no questions about these issues. We just follow the herd.

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