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    Diamond Cutting? the Future is Here

    The part technology providers participate in the diamond pipeline: Technology and high-tech accessories are increasingly used in almost all parts of the diamond pipeline. Heavy mining equipment and the classification is used for the transport of diamonds from the earth, the sea and rivers. Specialist support and evaluation systems are used for planning rough diamonds, […]

    Diamond and Sapphire Ring Trends

    Diamond and Sapphire is the most desired gift for every woman. You will see a lot of precious ring, but most notably a fine diamond and sapphire. Speaking of jewelry, the first thought was sparkling diamonds. Diamond is the best friend.Sapphire a woman, by contrast, is an incredible color. Ring is a loyal lover of […]

    Diamond Engagement Ring: You Mean a Lot

    When words are too weak and the eyes are unable to express your love, go to the most beautiful and romantic to represent their love. There may be nothing more romantic than her lover proposed with a diamond engagement ring unique. You can not add a price tag of love. And, of course, love can […]