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    Watches With Crystal of a Sprinkling

    Watches, brand, standing since 1986 is the introduction of the heart, in the glass with a dash of contemporary classic design. All the series “That Jazz” and the color palette to black and brown, sleek look of gold and silver.

    Handcrafting Watches

    For some unique and exclusive? Home is the latest in a complex world of perfect art clocks dial, make a dramatic impression, created by expert craftsmen. An example is the time to watch Patek Philippe has been used cloisonné lost art. This process consists of polishing the shiny side of the partition of gold wire […]

    My Friend Little Secret of His Luxurious Secret

    Recently my friend made a party and invited me to his house. Many friends came with their unique fashion here. As we all known fashion always related to lifestyle, mean that whatever we wearing is show identity of the person itself. At this party I can not get my eyes off from one of my […]

    The Business of Fashion

    When the first man in Eden or the floor, covered his body with leaves, or later with an animal skin, the fashion industry was founded at the time. Although not familiar with the style and clothing of the era, to the ancient civilizations still has some photos on the strength of the rocks with cave […]

    Say you’re the Only One? With Personalized Jewelry

    For a woman, what could be a better gift than jewelry? personalized jewelry, of course. Bracelets and necklaces can be made more amazing when you add a personal touch. This shows that you have put much consideration in this type of gift that is to your liking. Luckily his wife or girlfriend feel special, because […]