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    Beautiful Brooch Accompany You

    Brooch many forms. There is a like a hanging in the clothing, jackets, shirts, or a pretty brooch 1:00. There is also more attention to big. Because of different sizes, the current bras, not only in clothing sustenance, but also can be used as an on the belts, necklaces, bracelets for additional accessories, and scarves. As long as the appropriate garland for your shirt? You might be like in your shirt or lapel brooch brooch. You can also your feet Bolero a brooch. Brooch is also suitable for your party to use a sports jacket. If you are using the tape model, you can also expect one of these pendant rope brooch, do not look at undercover.
    However, you need to consider these techniques to make you look interesting.* To enhance the appearance of your spirit, your equipment, choose a color contrasting colors boutonnieres.
    * Use only one side brooch is only in your clothes. The most appropriate corset either in the left side of the right side of the chest or wear and tear. Brooch appropriate, especially if you prefer to use plain-clothes.
    * Do not use boutonnieres if your clothes are not innocent, there are many motives or details. If you use nuanced fashion flower brooch, the boutonnieres will be inundated your clothes.
    * If you are using a small brooch, you can try some small changes in bra and in the same place all their faith in your clothes.
    * If you are using a large brooch, it would be better suited installed on the belt.