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    Diamond Cutting? the Future is Here

    The part technology providers participate in the diamond pipeline:

    Technology and high-tech accessories are increasingly used in almost all parts of the diamond pipeline. Heavy mining equipment and the classification is used for the transport of diamonds from the earth, the sea and rivers. Specialist support and evaluation systems are used for planning rough diamonds, often marked with a laser beam on the fundamentals of manufacturing. The diamond mechanized process utilizes diverse technological products for most stages of production, counting: laser cutting, centering, blocking, stop polishing and marking machines. The phase of the guarantee of superiority after the production of precise measuring machines introduced quantity.

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    Treasure Hunting For Diamonds At Crater of Diamonds State Park

    Could there actually be a much more exciting name for a tourist attraction than “Crater of Diamonds State Park”? It evokes visions of walls of rock from which there are diamonds the size of grapes just waiting to be plucked. In reality, this is the only diamond site in the world where you can pluck and keep whatever you find, and yes, that does include real diamonds. Anyone interested in gemology or that just wants to have an adventure with the family should not miss out on visiting the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

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    Diamonds From Sierra Leone: A History Of Violence

    Sierra Leone is a West African country that has suffered greatly as a result of rebel activity continues in 1991-2002. This nation relies heavily on its mining – the mining of diamonds in particular – but progress has been particularly slow because of corruption and civil uprisings.

    Sierra Leone’s diamonds are controversial because several of them actually are not legal. Not all diamonds produced each year, an amount of approximately $ 250-300 million, are channeled through legal channels, because many are smuggled. These so-called blood diamonds “are widely known to be used finace illicit activities such as money laundering.

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