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    Heart Shaped Face with Shape of Earrings

    Faced with this situation at the bottom a small pointed chin. For this face shape, it is best not to use, like a narrow triangle at the bottom of the inverted form, heart-shaped ring in tears or vice versa. We recommend the use of earrings are round, square, oval, triangular above, or other forms of drops of water. Earrings are based on the shape of the entire face, so the balance of your face.

    Square-Shaped Faces, Should Shape Earrings

    This face shape looks like a hard disk or a strong chin and forehead visible from a wide range of face, the shape of a box. Therefore, to avoid multiple earrings, square or other angles. The form of remaining too long you can avoid the face is not too long. Earrings round, oval or battery model can help soften the angles of his face.

    Form of Earrings For a Round Face

    Round face look symmetrical. Therefore, his round face No, not wear earrings, especially the spherical model or a small circular Earring slope of the blade directly into the ear. Designated as a rectangle, square, triangular or oval shaped earrings, a slender, long down. This can make the face thinner.