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    Caring for Jewelry Maintainance

    Furthermore, the increase in value added, jewelry can also increase your confidence, and even a status symbol. Your jewelry in a long life, not only can be used separately, must also take care of it. You know, all requests for jewelry and treatment of various types.


    Diamond rings or earrings to qualify for a regular penggosokkan at least six months to bright light. A diamond in the store to offer this service. If you want to do for themselves, this method can do:
    – Make a hot water discharge of detergent.
    – Immerse yourself in the place of diamond jewelry.
    – Brush gently with a toothbrush, so that dirt can be extended.
    – After cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth and maintenance.
    – Or, immersed in water for 30 minutes, is one of their already contains ammonia, and the sixth with a soft, dry cloth.

    Taking Care of Your Precious Jewelry

    Are you really worried about keeping your most loved and cherished jewelry safe and free from scratches? Just follow these simple tips to keep your jewelry bright and dazzling for ever.

    Each piece needs care and protection against the harsh conditions in order to have beautiful and long term. We have made some suggestions to give you an idea of caring for their jewels and keep them as new, as always.

    Read these simple tips to keep your jewelry in good order and condition.

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    Jewelry Care and Cleaning Guide: How To Care and Protect Your Jewelry

    Celebrating a special occasion with jewelry!

    Jewelry Care is vigilance, and how to register and cleaning!

    How to care for and protect the jewels?

    If your jewelry has value to you, it’s interesting to want to care for her. Jewelry care means being careful not to lose the care of storing and cleaning.

    When you buy jewelry, jewelry, fine jewelry more expensive costume jewelry cheap, buy it because it is beautiful. The brightness of metal and shine or luster and fire of jewels to appeal to their sense of aesthetic beauty, based on what you can afford. The best jewelry, the more you use it, perhaps for the rest of your life and want to have that as a new luster, although some metals and finishes to achieve a warm patina of wear. What Don, Aot want, however, is scratched or carved gemstones parameters and boring. Accidents can happen, but too often, the jewelry is damaged by negligence or by not taking the few moments necessary to handle the jewelry.

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