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    The Business of Fashion

    When the first man in Eden or the floor, covered his body with leaves, or later with an animal skin, the fashion industry was founded at the time. Although not familiar with the style and clothing of the era, to the ancient civilizations still has some photos on the strength of the rocks with cave paintings and rock carvings.

    Terra Cotta figures show the oldest hairstyles Age Harappa interesting can compare with any modern style, with a look heavy. The dancer with bracelets of Mohenjo Daro in your arm is not behind the sculpture of the fashion of all ages. While no one can deny the attraction and charm of Cleopatra, a woman with great political skill and a long nose, which prepared many styles of fashion jewelry to clothing the great Egyptian Empire of scissors.

    But fashion is not only associated with women forever! In the ancient times of Cleopatra, Scissors always wore clothes that were true, dear, stylistic, aesthetic and special. At the same land of Egypt, the pharaohs were not behind. The great biblical figure of Moses, if taken as an Egyptian prince has always been a portrait of the stories and the latest in movies, in a charismatic.

    While in the Western world, not the Greeks and Romans, he received only a high level in art, architecture, and war, but their unique concepts and complexities of a perfect body and divine rights, especially men, the support of army uniforms and the door Court of Appeal.

    The supernatural characters of the famous Greek, Egyptian mythology and India will be a great variety of clothing, well preserved in the form of painting and sculpture.

    These old models are still the major source of inspiration for designers of today and the origins of the advanced form of cultural evolution has prevailed on all continents, from Australia to America and Asia Africa.

    Cultural influences are stronger when we consider the economic aspect of the fashion industry. The companies need the market where you can submit new ideas and products in each new day. Although, in this era of globalization, acculturation is fine. But still, there are many cultural aspects that can stimulate or inhibit certain trends. A color bikini is a great fashion market in Western cultures and modern or secular, but it is almost taboo in some areas and rigid core. Contrary to that, a veil is very popular in the fundamental, but has no market in the modern secular world. However, as fashion items can obtain the status of the ambitions of other cultures. Especially in the decorations, there is little difference in the world except for some variation in shape, material and style. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, bracelets and rings are always and everywhere been fashionable for centuries to reach a large market for all societies and cultures.

    At the individual level, fashion is not just a simple word or a simple attitude, or even an overwhelming desire. Fashion is a dogma that can influence many people in many ways.

    “As process] for [the support of some complex fusion of inspiration, imitation, and institutionalization, it seems necessary, even if the nature and degree of fusion, as can be inferred from the history of fashion , very variable. “(Fred Davis. Fashion, culture and identity. p. 123)

    Therefore, the incorporation of multi-faceted fashion, where the strength of an individual at the same time, institutionalized for several reasons. This institutionalization not only academically, but its ability to retain an individual, society, or even the whole world has created a huge market for investors.

    This feature makes fashion over the last decades, a sector with potential for smaller bulk products to be marketed worldwide. Has attracted many business tycoons and business groups to invest in the fashion industry, or mark some of its products as fashion. This idea initially focused on the clothing brand, but shortly thereafter, covering all the utilities of everyday life. From earrings to pendants, watches, sunglasses to shoes to handbags, perfumes, hairstyles, everything has been produced and marketed, imported and exported such that actually influenced the economies of each country. In addition to the individual mode, bathroom accessories, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom decor, the landscape of gardens and lawns, furnishings, cars, electronics or even language accents, everything was under the general term of fashion. Products and brands singularly and collectively contributed polished lifestyle on all continents. So inevitably, I vitality of the fashion market.

    Despite the quality, comfort and durability of the exclusivity of a luxury product and appearance are the reasons that cause the scope of a product to be marketed. Market is the policy of almost all fashion companies around these features.

    At the same time, marketing and availability of different products developed sense of customer selection and exposure with a power of comparison shopping. Fashion is not always aware of the brand, which is based not. Sometimes, the need for a particular item may require us to go beyond the brand reach and select something less popular. It is a challenge all the big brands are facing. Nicola White and Ian Griffiths, in his book published: The Fashion Business, theory, practice, image, said the trade issue as:

    Point of purchase is still part of our lives, but the saturation of the market has taken its toll and replacement purchases of raw materials continue to fall. Add to that the changing profile of the customer, who, through a Constant exposure is becoming wiser, more skillful, more confident in the product range and thus may be less brand loyal. ”

    Customer satisfaction is very important in the fashion industry, or not be achieved by making the customer’s need for a future product through advertising or by giving him what he intended to establish. The first caused the creativity and design to test new ideas and shapes while the latter forced the production quality control standards maintained.

    fashion of modern times is fast, short-term, over the company in its structure, and emotional than ever. With better and faster communication and information sources, international markets are open or external to each fashion company to do business, multinational corporations can be found with a variety of products in all continents with a complex political and marketing network , as appropriate to the socio-cultural needs of a particular country. In particular, when we talk about fashion and cosmetics, current trends are becoming increasingly intercultural, because the audience of several fashion chains on television. This creates much more quickly than print media. Therefore, the skills and concepts are also cross geographical and ideological frontiers of the various parts of the world, regardless of ethnic rigidity and conventionality. This is one reason that fashion is also seen as a reflection of the progress made in some developing countries. Divis Fred describes the clothes as a visual metaphor for their collection, fashion, culture and identity:

    “As a visual metaphor of clothing is the dress (perhaps we should distinguish between the two) is able to communicate many things, even something as subtle, for example, that user reflexive consciousness …”

    This has led to firms engaged in customer service at the same time, when they thought to be profitable. You can find the political support for such enterprises to their employees, suppliers and customers. With advertising campaigns, fashion week with new designs and colors that are also used to promote new concepts. The fashion week show not only a series of new products, but also serve to visually communicate with the public. Clothing and accessories worn by models which bridge is more lively and interesting as a simple display mannequins. Normally, with a range of fall, spring, summer and winter collections, Fashion Weeks to stimulate demand and promote its affiliates. Fashion shows have become cultural events that are happily sponsored by the business sector.

    In today’s business of fashion, there is a continuum of long-term commitment underlying the negotiation of ethics, based on the belief that business can be profitable and responsible. Thus, fashion companies believe that building long-term meaningful relationships with employees, suppliers and communities is good business for them and what customers expect from popular brands. This is and has always been the fundamental principle of the different brands of corporate social responsibility.

    Fashion is not just a phenomenon of the life of luxury, but this concept focuses on humanity as well. true sense of fashion is to make life at ease and help humanity with their lifestyle. Therefore, modern fashion companies are aware of support for the special people in society with special needs. This is the origin of how to respond to special people.

    Therefore, the market and its requirements may vary from one community to another. “For example, the range can get at another store in London, compared with the variety store in Singapore or China. No doubt in the modern world,” East and West “, but the climate, culture, sociology and the psychological needs may force the designers and companies to provide an extensive overview of the diversity of customers around the world. But there are some elements that are perennial.’s jeans and bags are products that are always in demand and request the fashion and comfort at the same time.

    fashion of modern times is global, human, culture and friendly society. At one extreme is focused on collective psychology and the evolution of a society, and the other end, deals with the individual needs of customer. trends in healthy living and balanced and active lifestyle are the modern fashion companies to examine in depth. There is no more a matter of looking good and attractive ways, and accessories for true comfort and join the mainstream. fashion houses are in some way, have become institutions that shape the behavior, psychology and health and innovative thinking. The concept of being relaxed and make others also had beautiful, comfortable, fashionable clothing and bright colors in soft or energy, is the modern agenda.

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