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    The Four Cs of Diamond Jewellery

    There are several criteria to consider when buying a piece of jewelry like diamond engagement rings with diamonds, for example. These qualities are the four Cs – cut, clarity, color and carats.

    The diamond cut refers to the angles and proportions that diamond cutters create in the stone to polish it and maximize its brilliance and is the only one of the defining qualities of the diamond that is not created by nature.

    A classic round cut diamond is cut with 58 facets. Diamonds can also be marquise, heart, emerald, princess, pear and oval. A poorly cut diamond, cut too deep or too shallow, light will escape and will not be as effective brightness.

    The clarity of a diamond is measured by the number, size, position, color, publishing and the shape of its inclusions. Fewer inclusions, better, and the corresponding value of a diamond.

    The range of clarity is divided into degrees. IF (Internally Flawless) means that the diamond has no visible characteristics under the microscope, or defects are not visible. VVS means that the diamond is very, very small inclusions VS1 / 2 means that minor features are visible under the microscope, B1/B2 means that the diamond is slightly included, or that the features are visible under the microscope and I1, I2 I3 and means that the features are visible to the naked eye. The average number of diamonds can be classified more specifically, that each number represents levels within each grade. The 1s will have fewer or smaller inclusions 2.

    Diamonds without inclusions are called flawless and are extremely rare.

    Traditionally diamond engagement rings use clear diamonds and alliances. In addition to a diamond is to be completely colorless, the more useful.

    Color is graded on a scale established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and ranges from D (colorless and therefore valuable).

    the value of a diamond is judged by its size but also by weight. Diamond weight is measured in carats and one carat equals one fifth of a gram, or 200 milligrams. The word comes from the carob plant – in the ancient civilizations of carob seeds were used to compare the weight of the diamonds.

    Not all diamonds of a carat, even cost the same – the quality of the other three C’s, cut, clarity and color, all must be the same too.

    The fact that the diamond is large should be considered in terms of c the other – a large stone of poor cut and color clarity will be no more valuable because of its size. A large stone of excellent cut, clarity and color that will be worth more than a little diamond are more rare.

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