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    The Top 8 Methods to Source Products to Sell on eBay

    If you want to make some money selling things on eBay, here’s a list you can use to find products to sell. I know you want to cut the BS, go straight to the point.

    Method 1: ask yourself this question – What you know and you can ask money for it? Do you know anything I can serve others? Can you write? If you’re a good writer, you can sell your writing skills online and make money. Are you a developer? Do you know how to write programs? You may be one that makes a program better than Windows is. In this case, you’re in the richer world.

    Method 2: Do you have a desired domain name? If so, you could sell. domain name is a very profitable niche business. Even if you do not have a domain name, you can easily buy one for $ 1 to $ 10, and turn around and sell it for $ 20, $ 50, maybe up to $ 100 if you’re lucky. Some areas sold thousands and thousands of dollars, but in general it is attched to a company that is profitable or a domain name that many people want.

    Method 3: We all have trash in the house. Maybe the items you want to get rid of is the long-awaited treasure by another person. So be sure to start selling things you have around the house. Who knows, maybe someone will give you a higher price than we asked, because it is very important. You’ll be surprised how many people will pay for the little things in appearance.

    Method 4: The Real old. Maybe you have one of the original LPs of Michael Jackson. I’m sure there are people who are interested in purchasing this type of memories and pay good money for them.

    Method 5: old toys or toy collection. The original Barbie dolls can still cost a lot, and the old Batman figures from DC Comics. Original X-Men superheroes can generally sell high and put some money in his pocket. Think of something to that effect.

    Method 6: an old car that is no longer used can be sold on eBay Motors or parts can be sold separately.

    Method 7: Movies. Classic Movies. VHS tapes can always sell if the movie you are not yet on DVD. You can sell new or used on eBay or Amazon.

    Method 8: intangible things such as web design, information products, etc. People are really interested in this sort of thing, and some of them pay good money for them.

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