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    Understanding Scent And Perfume – Tips To Create Your Own

    Perfume is a substance that alters the mind. It is also a mind-altering substance is not prohibited and does not require a prescription.

    What we call the perfume is composed of essential oils. They are volatile oils that evaporate into the air when heated or exposed to sunlight. The small molecules of essential oils tailored to the receptors in our noses. When they do that the smell of fresh flowers, bread, pine, or whatever.

    Essential oils such as to make us feel good. They make us wonder if the good things to eat and happy holiday moments. Uplifting and make us think positive thoughts. This is the principle involved in aromatherapy and perfumery.

    Scents can make us feel bad too. Some fragrances are designed to warn that the food is gone and is not safe to consume. Other flavors that do not know, such as sex pheromones, have a powerful effect without us knowing anything. They bring us closer to our partners. Babies recognize their mothers by smell. They really have good chemistry between us and our loved ones.

    Aroma has a huge and often overlooked in our lives. Being surrounded every day by the smell of exhaust gases and chemicals, said the people angry and may have an adverse effect on our psychological state. Should consciously try to raise more smell good and make us feel good. This fragrance is everything.

    In medieval Europe used to make an orange stuck with cloves of garlic and a knob to counter the bad smells that were around them. We can do the same in today’s more scientific.

    You can simply go to a store and buy the perfume. But making your own natural perfume perfume will help you better understand how odors effect your mood and give lots of fun in the process. Aroma has a powerful psychological effect. By using this effect is part of the perfumer’s art.

    Take a few simple ingredients you already have at home – an instance of vanilla. the cut and feel. Her mood is lighter now. Vanilla is a scent of seduction that is very attractive and yet warm and comforting at the same time. There is nothing dangerous in this perfume.

    How can we use the perfume of our vanilla bean in a perfume? The task of creating a perfume is to capture the fresh scent before it dissipates into the air. It seems almost impossible, but it is perfectly possible.

    What you need to do is put the cup to the vanilla bean in a glass jar with a lid. Add a little sugar. A third of a teaspoon should be sufficient. Then he covers the vodka. Close the lid and shake. Let the time you want. A month is about right. When you open the bottle feels fresh vanilla aroma. You can add a few drops of vanilla essence to all kinds of perfumes.

    You can do the same with lavender, rose petals or other flowers fragrant. Herbs and spices can also be treated the same way. If you are getting fresh plant material to try to do the half day when they are dry and volatile oils are most concentrated.

    You can dilute the alcohol-flavored water to use as a perfume or added to a carrier oil for use as a massage on the body. You only need a few drops when used undiluted. It can be used to sniff out a room, just like you. A few drops of lavender added to the beeswax furniture polish makes a wonderful fragrance that doubles as a FRESHNER room.

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