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    What Does a Diamond Appraisal Mean?

    An evaluation of the diamond is used to determine the dollar value of a gemstone. Diamonds are bought and sold by wholesale diamond jewelry wholesale jewelry are subject to the assessment process prior to the sale of diamonds. diamond appraisal uses four main criteria – known as the C-Four – in order to evaluate loose diamonds and determine market prices of these precious stones.

    Four C

    The first three criteria are:

    – Carat: the size of the stone in weight and mass. One carat equals one ounce 1/142nd modern (ie, a 142 karat diamond weighing one ounce).

    – Clarity: the degree of diamond “impeccable.” Almost all diamonds have imperfections phones, but are not usually visible to the naked eye. Virtually flawless diamonds are classified FL. Diamonds with visible imperfections (called “inclusions”) are rated “I” and “slight” inclusions are graded “S”

    – Color: For a gem that is technically “colorless,” diamonds come in a surprising number of colors ranging from pure white to dark brown. Each color is rated from one to seven, with seven pointing to the deepest, most vivid colors. The diamond color is caused by chemical reactions with other elements, some irradiated diamonds are today and to increase the intensity of color.

    These are objective, quantifiable and easily measured characteristics that are usually determined by a gemologist.

    The fourth “C” cut, it is harder to assess. Thanks to technological advances now allow professional diamond cutters to use lasers and computer-aided design, there are more than 250 diamond cuts available. Most quality gems are 57 facets, how they have a great influence on the results of the evaluation of the diamonds.

    Where to get an estimate of the diamond

    For reasons that should be obvious, any diamond you are considering purchasing should receive an assessment of the wholesale diamond jewelry independent party. They must be prepared to take those diamonds sent to a laboratory for analysis, and you should not pay and take possession of these large diamond jewelry until you have received an assessment and to accept the purchase price.

    One thing to keep in mind – especially in these times of economic instability and turmoil – is that the value of diamonds may change significantly in relatively short periods of time. The evaluation of the diamond is important in determining the fair market value, but the exact purchase price will depend on current market conditions.

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