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    What Factors Determine Diamond Prices?

    If you’ve been shopping for diamond jewelry, you may have noticed that the jewelry and engagement rings, eternity, necklaces and earrings of diamonds in the market for a wide range of prices. In fact, unlike a diamond ring to another can easily be several thousand dollars. For most consumers, price is an important factor in a purchase decision, it is important to understand that you pay when you buy a brilliant piece of diamond jewelry.

    Like many consumer products, diamond prices paid by end users are affected by the value that is added at each level of the supply chain. Diamonds are extracted from the earth in what may be costly, the working of mining, incurring an initial cost. Of course, diamonds do not come from the land in beautifully polished courts often seen in jewelry retail. After being mined, diamonds are often cut and polished before being sent to an independent laboratory for grading. Then the diamonds are placed on the market for purchase by wholesalers or retailers of diamonds, which in turn sell to retailers varied. Finally, diamonds are in retail stores and ready for purchase by consumers. Each stage of the supply chain and value-added dial calls, each of them are reflected in the final price the consumer pays for a diamond.

    The cost of the mine, preparation and marketing of a diamond is not the sole determinant of the final price of a piece of diamond jewelry. Also included, of course, is the total cost of mining in the market for metals and other precious stones that make up a piece of jewelry, and craft of the piece itself. Diamonds are graded and evaluated individually on the basis of the evaluation of four C-carat, cut, clarity and color.

    The price of a diamond is based on a specified value per carat. This means that the value of a 0.5-carat diamond worth $ 3,000 per carat would be calculated as $ 3,000 x 0.5 = $ 1,500. However, despite the apparent simplicity of the (price per carat x carat weight of diamonds price =) equation, several factors affect the estimated value per carat of a diamond individually. Evaluation of a diamond’s color, clarity, and reduce aid to determine the value per carat of diamond with the most attractive combination of features is considered the most valuable and therefore more expensive., Carat weight of a diamond is individually affected by its rarity. From a one carat diamond is much rarer than half carat diamond, one carat diamond will result in higher per carat of diamonds from the opposite half-carat equivalent. Although tempting, it is incorrect to assume that you simply plug the carat weight in an equation to determine the value of a diamond. Each diamond must be evaluated individually to determine the value.

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