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    Women Spend $ 25,000 to Buy Shoes

    When cleaning the cabinet, if you find a pile of shoes that has been abandoned? Did you find flat-heeled shoes, high heels, or sandals, which have been stacked, but only once loaded?

    Piles of shoes that has been used indicate impulsive symptoms in women during the display of shoes with attractive models in the mall. About how much money spent to buy shoes woman throughout her life?

    A survey by a British insurance company 3,000 women revealed that the majority of women spend nearly U.S. $ 25ribu  for purchases of shoes.

    A poll cited in Shine said, women on average have about 19 pairs of shoes in the closet of their clothes. Buy shoes unaccompanied mothers starting at the age of 14 years. On average, a woman bought seven pairs of shoes per year, or to reach the 469 pairs of shoes for the rest of their lives.

    Older women spend on average $ 53 U.S.  per pair, or about $ 370 U.S. per year. During the period of 67 years, women spend money to buy shoes at U.S. $ 24,800.

    How many kinds of shoes and shoe belonging to a woman? On average, a woman up to a dozen pairs of shoes. They usually have at least three pairs of shoes, six pairs of flip flops, sandals, shoes, flats or wedges, two pairs of work shoes and four pairs for the night and unforeseen events.

    The results of the poll also found some unique facts about shoes, namely:

    – Four of the 10 women interviewed judge other women on the basis of the shoes he wore.

    – More than half of women said to buy new shoes without thinking about the reason or regret buying these shoes.

    – One in four women continue to buy their shoes from the couple because he believed the couple did not understand the reason to buy shoes.

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